For Doctors

For Doctors

Please kindly forward through a referral letter for your patient.

Referrals may be addressed to:

  • ‘Canada Bay Geriatrics’; or
  • A specific geriatrician of your choice.
Please specify if the patient requires a home visit/aged care facility visit/telehealth*

To ensure that we write the best possible letter back to you, referrals will ideally include:

  • Details of referring doctor & general practitioner (name, address)
  • Demographic (full name, address, phone number, email address, next of kin)
  • Reasons for referral/ Question being asked of geriatrician
  • Past medical history, medications, allergies
  • Investigations results

How to Send a Referral

We accept electronic referrals via :

  • Healthlink (EDI: canadabg)
  • Argus (TBA)
  • Medical object (TBA)
  • Email –
  • Fax – (02) 5500 5160


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Phone (9am to 5pm)

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(02) 5500 5160

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